TROPOMI spectral coverage compared to its heritage instrument OMI, SCIAMACHY and GOME.

The TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI) is a spaceborne nadir viewing spectrometer with bands in the ultraviolet, the visible, the near infrared and the shortwave infrared. TROPOMI is the payload for the ESA/GMES Sentinel 5 Precursor mission, planned for launch in 2014 with 7 years design lifetime. The objective of the mission is to provide high-quality and timely information on the global atmospheric composition for climate and air quality applications. TROPOMI will make daily global observations of key atmospheric constituents, including ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, formaldehyde and aerosol properties. The Sentinel-5 Precursor mission will extent the current data records from OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) on NASA EOS Aura and SCIAMACHY (SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CartograpHY) on ESA Envisat and is the link between the current scientific missions and the operational Sentinel-4/-5 missions.

TROPOMI is an initiative from the Netherlands and is developed in cooperation with ESA. KNMI is the Principal Investigator institute for TROPOMI and SRON is the co-PI institute. The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) manages the TROPOMI project in the Netherlands.