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CAMS Air Quality Forecasts over Cabauw


CAMS provides operational European air quality forecasts on a daily basis, which are distributed by Meteo-France. An ensemble forecast is constructed from 7 different models run by independent institutes. For the profile plots, only emsemble results are shown, while on the time series plots the grey region indicates the full min-max spread of the individual models, and the red curve is the emsemble mean. The European ensemble is provided on a 0.1 by 0.1 degree grid. Results are shown for the grid box containing Cabauw. Thumbnail plots are provided for profile and time series for NO2, O3, PM2.5, and PM10 in the table above. Larger individual images can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on them. An archive of plots for all days will be maintained and can be obtained upon request (

NO2 O3 PM10 PM2.5
NO2 timeseries O3 timeseries PM10 timeseries PM2.5 timeseries
NO2 profile O3 profile PM10 profile PM2.5 profile
Henk Eskes, KNMI, September 2016



Lotos-Euros NO2 column forecasts over the Netherlands

KNMI produces operational air quality forecasts for the Netherlands on a daily basis using the Dutch Lotos-Euros air quality model. These forecasts are presented by RIVM to the Dutch public. The model runs are performed on a grid of about 7 by 7 km and a domain including the Netherlands. These forecast runs are nested in the CAMS European air quality forecasts. NO2 column values for the layer between the surface and 3.5 km altitude are presented in the figures below.

0 utc 3 utc 6 utc 9 utc
NO2 column, 0 utc NO2 column, 3 utc NO2 column, 6 utc NO2 column, 9 utc
12 utc 15 utc 18 utc 21 utc
NO2 column, 12 utc NO2 column, 15 utc NO2 column, 18 utc NO2 column, 21 utc
Henk Eskes, KNMI, September 2016