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As a follow-up to the successful CINDI project, CINDI-2 (Cabauw Intercomparison of Nitrogen Dioxide Measuring Instruments 2) will be held at the KNMI Cabauw / CESAR site in September 2016. The goals of this project will be two-fold: to prepare for S5-P/TROPOMI validation (currently scheduled for 2017) and to initialize the suite of instruments that will be used to create the European Fiducial Reference Measurements for Ground-Based DOAS Air-Quality Observations (FRM4DOAS) network of MAX-DOAS instruments.


The CINDI-2 schedule is as follows:

25 Aug:  Start of set-up and instrument testing
12 Sep:  CINDI-2 campaign opening event
12 Sep:  Start of the semi-blind intercomparison (2 weeks)
26 Sep:  Optional 1-week extension of the semi-blind intercomparison
3-7 Oct:  Cabauw site kept open for additional experiments and campaign break down.

Please check this site regularly including the recently updated pages containing local and planning information. Further campaign information will continue to be provided as it becomes available.

Contact: cindi-2 [at]  

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