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Campaign Overview

As a follow-up to the successful CINDI project, CINDI-2 (Cabauw Intercomparison of Nitrogen Dioxide Measuring Instruments 2) was held at the KNMI Cabauw / CESAR site in September 2016. The goals of this project were two-fold: to prepare for S5-P/TROPOMI validation (currently scheduled for 2017) and to initialize the suite of instruments that will be used to create the European Fiducial Reference Measurements for Ground-Based DOAS Air-Quality Observations (FRM4DOAS) network of MAX-DOAS instruments.


The CINDI-2 schedule is as follows:

25 Aug:  Start of set-up and instrument testing
12 Sep:  CINDI-2 campaign opening event
12 Sep:  Start of the semi-blind intercomparison (2 weeks)
26 Sep:  Optional 1-week extension of the semi-blind intercomparison
3-7 Oct:  Cabauw site kept open for additional experiments and campaign break down.

Contact: cindi-2 [at]  

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