The TROPOMI/S5P cloud properties retrieval is based on the OCRA and ROCINN algorithms currently being used in the operational GOME and GOME-2 products. OCRA retrieves the cloud fraction using measurements in the UV/VIS spectral regions and ROCINN retrieves the cloud height (pressure) and optical thickness (albedo) using measurements in and around the oxygen A-band at 760 nm. For TROPOMI/S5P we use OCRA/ROCINN Version 3.0, which is based on a more realistic treatment of clouds as optically uniform layers of light-scattering particles. Additionally the cloud parameters are also provided for a cloud model which assumes the cloud to be a Lambertian reflecting boundary. The figures below illustrate the Cloud Fraction (top panel) and the Cloud Top Pressure (lower panel) as derived from TROPOMI data from 2 January 2018. 


Data product version summary (click on highlighted version number for the latest PRF).

Version number Version Effective Orbit Number and Date Summary of Changes
2.03.00 OFFL:  orbit 22768, 2022-03-06
NRTI:  orbit 22813, 2022-03-09
Current version;


OFFL:  orbit 19258, 2021-07-01
NRTI:  orbit 19308, 2021-07-05
Extensive change set, updated L1b, see PRF


OFFL:  orbit 16213, 2020-11-29
NRTI:  orbit 16259, 2020-12-02




Links to the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD), Product User Manual (PUM), and the Product Readme File (PRF) is provided here on the right under Documentation. Note: this data product was publically released on 11 July 2018 and is available via the Copernicus Open Data Access Hub (see link on right).