The TROPOMI cloud retrieval for cloud fraction, albedo, and top pressure is based on the ROCINN algorithms currently being used in the operational GOME and GOME-2 products. These cloud retrieval algorithms use measurements in and around the O2 A-band at 760 nm and are based on the Independent Pixel Approximation (IPA), which is the assumption that the "radiative properties of a single satellite “Pixel” are considered in isolation from neighbouring pixels" (definition of the American Meteorological Society). For TROPOMI/S5p we will use ROCINN Version 3.0, which is based on a more realistic treatment of clouds as optically uniform layers of light-scattering particles (water droplets). 

Data product version summary (click current version number for latest ATBD).
Version number Version Effective Date Summary of Changes
1.0.0 6 months post-launch to next update Post-Phase E1 updates
0.11.04 present to 6 months post-launch First product release



The Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) can be found by clicking here and the Product User Manual (PUM) link is located on the right under Documentation. Product README (PRF) and Sample Data Files are being updated based on a new release of the processing software and will be available for download prior to launch.

After launch, preliminary product results will be provided during the Commissioning Phase and the Operational Phase.