Data products

Forecast Information

Meteo Forecast Information:

Use this link along with the user name and password (as communicated in the planning document) for a summary of meteo info relevant to Cabauw:

Trajectory Analysis and Forecast:

Based on the KNMI TRAJKS trajectory tool, a gallery with trajectories calculated for Cabauw (both analysis and forecast) is provided using this link:

Satellite Overpass Tool:

This tool (see link below) can be used for generating overpass table of the nadir position of many satellites including Aura (OMI), NPP (VIIRS), Metop-A and -B (GOME-2). To generate information for the site at Cabauw, first select the region 'Europe' located on the right under the map, then select 'Cabauw_Netherlands' from the drop-down menu for 'Ground Site' on the left side located just under the lat/lon specification box (see screenshot below).