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Campaign Overview

Fiducial Reference Measurements for Ground-Based Infrared Greenhouse Gas Observations (FRM4GHG) is a European Space Agency (ESA) funded project focusing on the intercomparison of instruments and harmonization of retrievals and products from collocated new and established GHG observation ground based Infrared instrumentations to get Fiducial Reference Measurements (FRMs) for Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). These dataset will also be used for the validation of satellite missions targeting:

  • carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • methane (CH4),
  • carbon monoxide (CO),
  • other climate relevant trace gases.


The intercomparison campaign will identify and characterize differences related to the processing of the data for the retrieval algorithms as used by the different teams. The objective is also to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the different instrumentations used for the analysis of the same atmospheric scene.

View of the FRM4GHG container in the foreground and the TCCON building in the background on May 15, 2017. Image credit: