Data products

ISRF Dataset


The file package contains the Instrument Spectral Response Functions (ISRF) for the UV, UVIS, NIR and SWIR detectors, derived from TROPOMI calibration measurements performed in March 2015 at CSL in Liege. Details regarding the file package contents, installation, as well as the data usage and limitations can be found in the readme file.  

Download File Package and Readme

The readme file and the data package can be downloaded below. Please note that when unzipped, the entire package contains approximately 10GB of data. The compressed zip-file is around 8GB to download.

In addition to the full ISRF file, (s5p_oper_aux_sf_uvn) an specific file for both bands 1 and 2 using the binning factor of band 1 is provided below and is roughly 1GB in size.