Data products

L1b sample products


Below sample L1b data products can be downloaded. These sample products were created using the 0.9.1 version of the TROPOMI L0-1b data processor. For L0 input, test data from the electrical functional model (EFM) of the instrument were used. These data contain noise and / or test patters. The sample products are provided as an example of the data format. The do not contain scientifically valid data. This means that these products can be used, for example, to test input routines, but not for testing L2 retrieval algorithms.

Sample products are provided for radiance and irradiance data for all 8 bands. For radiance data, the products are split by band, for irradiance data are split by module, UVN (band 1 through 6) and SWIR (band 7 and 8). The data products are described in the IODS.

For the irradiance products, example files with new binning schemes are provided as well. Sample products for the radiance data products with new binning scheme are not yet available.

Download Files

The sample products can be downloaded here: