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Methane (CH4) is, after carbon dioxide (CO2), the most important contributor to the anthropogenically enhanced greenhouse effect. Roughly three-quarters of methane emissions are anthropogenic and as such it is important to continue the record of satellite based measurements. TROPOMI aims at providing CH4 column concentrations with high sensitivity to the Earth’s surface, good spatiotemporal coverage, and sufficient accuracy to facilitate inverse modeling of sources and sinks. TROPOMI uses absorption information from the Oxygen-A Band (760nm) and the SWIR spectral range to monitor CH4 abundances in the Earth's atmosphere. The figure below shows the S5P/TROPOMI CH4 total column mixing ration averaged from May 2018 to January 2019.

Data product version summary (click on highlighted version number for the latest PRF).
Version Number Version Effective Date (orbit range) Summary of Changes


OFFL: 2019-03-20 (orbit 07425 to present)

Current version


OFFL: 2018-11-28 (orbit 05833 to 07424)

No change in CH4


Links to the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD), the Product User Manual (PUM), and the Product Readme File (PRF) are located on the right of this page under Documentation. Note: this data product was publically released on 1 March 2019 and is available via the Copernicus Open Data Access Hub (see link on right).