Data products

PRF Dataset


The package contains pixel response functions (PRFs) for all pixels of the UV, UVIS, NIR and SWIR detectors of TROPOMI, derived from star stimulus Earth port geolocation calibration measurements (starEarthGeo) performed from 2015-01-10 15:33:05 until 2015-01-21 02:29:35 at CSL in Liège. For the definition of the instrument reference frame (IRF) and the azimuth and elevation angles defined in this frame, the reader is referred to the L01B ATBD (Algorithm theoretical basis document for the TROPOMI L01b data processor; IRF is called PRF there), Section 26.1.10 and 26.1.11 of v7.0.0.


Download File Package and Readme

The readme file can be found here and the file package can be downloaded by clicking the arrow below. Please note that when unzipped, the entire package contains approximately 12GB of data.