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TROLIX'19 Campaign

TROLIX’19 – TROpomi vaLIdation eXperiment 2019

A TROPOMI validation campaign will be held in the Netherlands based at the Cabauw research site starting  in September 2019.

The goal of this geophysical validation campaign is to make intensive observations in the TROPOMI domain in order to be able to establish the quality of the L2 data products under realistic conditions, i.e. under non-idealized conditions with varying cloud cover and a range of atmospheric conditions. The focus will be on the TROPOMI L2 main products. For the study ground based observations will be made that can be directly compared to the TROPOMI L2 data prodcuts, as well as measurements of parameters related to a-priori data and auxiliary parameters that influence the quality of the L2 products such as aerosol and cloud profiles and in-situ aerosol and atmospheric chemistry. The observations will be focused around the Cabauw site with observations carried out mainly from the ground, but airborne observations may be included as well. 

The campaign plan will be published on this website.

For further inquiries and requests, please contact:

Arnoud Apituley - campaign lead (apituley [at]

Karin Kreher - campaign support (karin.kreher [at]