Data Access

The data policy for TROPOMI will be open for scientific and educational data user communities throughout the world. An international open data policy is advantageous for rapid product evaluation and validation and will be particularly useful in the early operational phase of TROPOMI. Each data product will include contact information for the lead institute and Level 2 data product / algorithm developers. Users are strongly encouraged to contact Level 2 data product developers to ensure the highest quality of data and data analysis. The details of availability of data for interested commercial parties will be determined by ESA. As soon as they are available, links will be provided here to access and download the TROPOMI data products listed on the Level 2 products page. View the submenu of this section for an example of the Level 2 data file format and for preliminary data related to the calibration. Also, be sure to check the document section of this site to view related documentation for Calibration, Level 0-1b, and Level 2 data products.