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TROPOMI is one of the ESA Copernicus Sentinels. For any questions regarding S5P/TROPOMI, TROPOMI data products, and related Mission Performance Center (MPC) services please contact

The TROPOMI MIssion Performance Center (MPC) consortium is lead by a team within the KNMI R&D Satellite Observations Department, De Bilt, The Netherlands. KNMI is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. TROPOMI is a project in partnership between Airbus Netherlands, KNMI, SRON and TNO, commissioned by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Airbus Netherlands is the main contractor for the design, construction and testing of the instrument. TNO is responsible for the optical design. KNMI and SRON are responsible for the scientific management. Tropomi is funded by the following ministries of the Dutch government: the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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