Aerosol Index

TROPOMI Aerosol Index (AER_AI)

The Aerosol Index (AI) is a well-established data product that has been calculated for several different satellite instruments spanning a period of more than 40 years. The S5P/TROPOMI aerosol index is referred to as the Ultraviolet Aerosol Index (UVAI). The relatively simple calculation of the Aerosol Index is based on wavelength dependent changes in Rayleigh scattering in the UV spectral range where ozone absorption is very small. UVAI can also be calculated in the presence of clouds so that daily, global coverage is possible. AI is ideal for tracking the evolution of episodic aerosol plumes from dust outbreaks, volcanic ash, and biomass burning. The image shows the S5P/TROPOMI UVAI (NRTI) on 4 April 2023, Saharan dust as well as biomass burning smoke plumes over the United States are most visible.