Aerosol Layer Height

TROPOMI Aerosol Layer Height (ALH)

The TROPOMI Aerosol Layer Height (ALH) product provides essential insights into vertically localized aerosol layers in the free troposphere. TROPOMI, a nadir-viewing spectrometer covering ultraviolet to shortwave infrared, employs passive remote sensing to measure solar radiation at the Top of Atmosphere (TOA). ALH focuses on retrieving aerosol layer height information, crucial for aviation safety, radiative forcing studies, and cloud formation investigations. The product enhances the interpretation of the Ultraviolet Aerosol Index (UVAI) by providing height details, enriching aerosol absorption analysis. The ALH retrieval algorithm, using the Optimal Estimation Method, fits reflectance spectra across the Oxygen A band. The reported pressure corresponds to the mid pressure of the aerosol layer. ALH product significantly advances understanding of aerosol distribution, benefiting scientific applications and enhancing UVAI interpretation. Continuous refinement underscores its importance in atmospheric research and air quality monitoring.