Ozone Profile

TROPOMI Ozone Profile (O3_PR_)

Ozone (O3) in the stratosphere holds a protective role, since the stratospheric ozone layer, which is gradually recovering from depletion caused by human-made Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), absorbs the harmful UV radiation. In the Troposphere, ozone with its toxic nature, actively contributes to tropospheric chemistry. In addition, ozone, functioning as a greenhouse gas, is pertinent to climate change. The retrieved TROPOMI ozone profile product aims to monitor stratospheric and tropospheric ozone evolution, contributing to atmospheric protection and climate studies. It provides vertical ozone information at 33 pressure levels and 6 sub-columns, aiding advanced users with enhanced accuracy through optimal estimation retrieval methods. The product ensures consistency with global maps, though occasional deviations in retrieved ozone profiles require further examination. The UV spectrum-based retrieval leverages TROPOMI's high spatial resolution and advanced spectrometric capabilities to contribute to comprehensive atmospheric monitoring.