Ozone Total Column

TROPOMI Ozone Total Column

Ozone (O3) plays a vital role in maintaining the Earth's atmospheric balance. In the stratosphere, the ozone layer protects the biosphere from harmful solar ultraviolet radiation. In the troposphere, it serves as an effective cleansing agent, although at elevated concentrations, it can pose risks to the health of humans, animals, and vegetation. Additionally, ozone is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to ongoing climate change. TROPOMI O3 total column product utilizes two algorithms, namely S5P_TO3_DOAS and S5P_TO3_GODFIT. S5P_TO3_DOAS is based on the "DOAS-style" GOME Data Processor (GDP) algorithm Version 4.8 and is used for near-real-time products, while S5P_TO3_GODFIT, based on the direct-fitting algorithm developed at BIRA-IASB, generates offline and reprocessed products. Both algorithms rely on ozone absorption in the UV Huggins bands (325-335 nm). The product includes ozone total vertical column precision for spectral fit errors, and a quality assurance value (qa_value) is recommended for data quality, with a threshold above 0.5.